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eDeliberation.com offers a full range of services, from discrete online components that can be dropped into face-to-face processes all the way up to wholly online processes that accommodate extensive public participation.

Our experienced mediators and facilitators can administer consensus-building processes end-to-end, or they can work alongside mediators and facilitators as team partners or technical consultants.

We can also train both agency staff and ADR providers in using online tools and other technologies to enhance public dispute resolution processes.

Facilitation and Mediation

  • Traditional face-to-face processes
  • Face-to-face plus:
    • Online working groups
    • Deliberative polling / Online voting
    • Web-based public participation
  • Fully online processes, where face-to-face meetings are inconvenient or impossible


  • Improve ongoing processes
  • Design new processes
  • Evaluation
    • ODR experiments
    • Traditional evaluation using online techniques


  • ODR training for public dispute resolution sponsors, providers, and participants
  • Online training systems



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