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The application of technology to dispute resolution is a rapidly growing phenomenon, so new publications are appearing all the time. Some links and references to the presentations, articles, chapters, and books we have written on the subject appear below.


  • "Using the Internet for Multiparty Dispute Resolution," presented by Jonathan Raab and Colin Rule at the 2002 Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution Conference in Tucson, Arizona.



  • "A Simulation of Online Mediation in a Zoning Dispute" in the Online Mediation Handbook, by Oliver Marker & Matthias Trenel, Fall, 2002.
  • "RuleNet: An Experiment in Online Consensus Building," by Michele Ferenz and Colin Rule, in The Consensus Building Handbook (Sage Publications, 1999) editors: Lawrence Susskind, Jennifer Thomas-Larmer, and Sarah McKearnan.


Online Dispute Resolution For Business: B2B, ECommerce, Consumer, Employment, Insurance, and other Commercial Conflicts
by Colin Rule

Online dispute resolution (ODR) is the newest and fastest moving area of the dispute resolution field. This book, intended for businesspeople and dispute resolution professionals interested in ODR, provides a thorough background in the roots of the field, a discussion of it's strengths and weaknesses, and clear implementation recommendations with regard to people, process, and technology.

It also discusses in depth the application of ODR in a wide variety of areas, including e-commerce disputes (both business-to-consumer and business-to-business), insurance, workplace, governmental, privacy, and transboundary disputes. Extensive case studies and scenarios are provided in each area.

Intended to complement the pioneering work Online Dispute Resolution by Ethan Katsh and Janet Rifkin, this book provides extensive hands-on experience and practical suggestions to help ODR implementations achieve successful outcomes. The Introduction is available from the Online Ombuds Center at UMass-Amherst.



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