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eDeliberation.com is working on a wide variety of projects to promote best practices in the Environmental Conflict Resolution / Public Policy area. Some current work includes:

The ECR and Technology Network

The Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and RESOLVE have jointly launched the ECR and Technology Network, an online community of EPP/ECR practitioners, Agency personnel, academics, and IT service providers focused on best practices around the use of technology in multiparty processes. The online hub for this project will offer demos of cutting-edge tools, case studies, best practices, and guidelines for how to best select and integrate technology into processes for the optimal benefit of participants. Check out the website at ecrtech.net and join in for free.

The Environment and Public Policy Section

The Environment and Public Policy Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution has launched a new Section website that hosts organization information and archives as well as blogs written by a wide variety of practitioners and EPP/ECR experts. The site serves as a hub for the activities of the section, the primary channel for information dissemination, and the registration home for conferences and events. All content is available over RSS and daily email updates, and the site works in conjunction with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Check it out at acrepp.org.

The Community Court

The Community Court is a robust platform created by eBay and PayPal to enable groups to continually govern themselves, make decisions, and resolve disputes. It can support peer juries, voting, polling, evaluation, and governance functions. It is massively scalable, even into handling hundreds of thousands of cases per month, and completely customizable with a back-end rules-driven engine that can be changed on the fly. View it in action at ebaycourt.com and gebruikersjury.marktplaats.nl.



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