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eDeliberation.com has provided technology and facilitation services to a wide variety of agencies and organizations around the globe. Some of our past clients include:

  • Raab Associates
  • The Consensus Building Institute
  • The Association for Conflict Resolution
  • The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Who Should Use eDeliberation.com's Services?

1. Federal/state/local government bodies, agencies and other organizations.

Governmental or representative bodies should use our services for rulemaking, policy dialogues, dispute handling systems, and expert panels, as well as any other process where multiple participants need to synthesize complex information and input from others in order to make the best possible decisions.

2. ADR Service Providers.

Mediators and facilitators should leverage our expertise in partnering on ODR-enabled processes, technology planning and design, facilitation/mediation, pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting follow-up. Appropriate use of online tools and techniques can make consensus building processes more efficient and effective, resulting in better outcomes and more satisfied participants.






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